Nongphadok Lakpa Atithi

Nongphadok Lakpa Atithi

Nongphadok Lakpa Atithi

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1h 14m 2019 HD

Watch nongphadok lakpa atithi Soap2day. Tamubi had determined not to visit her estranged husband. Not even once in their twelve years of separation. But one day, all against herself, she visits to attend her daughter’s wedding. She yielded to her daughter’s persistence. When she arrives the estranged couple did not exchange a single word. As night falls after the ceremony, Tamubi has no choice but to hold the night at her husband’s place. Reminiscence of the years gone by keep awake the separated husband and wife the whole night. The following day her husband pleads her to come back and start life anew. But Tamubi sticks to her independent conscience.

Nongphadok Lakpa Atithi (2019)
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